The fitting will be carried out at a residential address in Innerleithen, or at a garage in Peebles depending on availability. The amount of time the job takes is around 2-4 hours, depending on the car. A Mazda MK1/2 will a plastic screen will usually take around 2 hours, whereas a MK3 could be 4 hours. Also we might run into issues on your car which could make the job take longer (rusty screws etc).

If you have a Mazda MX5 MK1 on a G or H registration you should check that your hood has

hood clips fitted at the bottom of the B pillar.

These were added after release due to hoods snagging on the bodywork and wearing through. New clips are just under £20 each and we do not hold stock, so it’s important to catch this one! Ask about it when you contact us if you need more information.

With all Mazda and Honda models there is a rain rail which can get into bad condition and need replacement or some repairs. If you have a wet parcel shelf and this is not obviously caused by a hole in the hood, your rain rail may need attention or replacement. New rain rails for Mazda MX5 MK1/2 are up to £150 so this is a big one. We sometimes have 2nd hand rain rails in stock, contact us if you are worried.

With all hoods they are tight when fitted, we advise customers to keep their hood up for 2 weeks to let the material stretch onto the frame.

We have offered a glass window upgrade on MK1 MX5s in the past but have recently started advising customers to either choose a plastic window or to source a MK2 frame for your car. Happy to discuss further if required.